Garage Deluxe


Your grandfather may have had one shelf in his garage, with all the supplies he needed for car and home. Your father may have had a little bit more-a cabinet or two filled with tools to go along with that shelf filled with paints, motor oil, and electrical tape.

overhead storage cabinets

When you look around at your garage, you need all that your grandfather and father had, and more. You need overhead storage cabinets; you need tool racks; you need multiple tool boxes, and even more.

Most mechanics want what they need at the exact moment when they need it. Nothing can take a shade tree amateur, or even a certified professional, out of their groove like having to stop work to go retrieve a tool or a supply, located elsewhere.

A reach up for a wrench; a short step or two to grab a part; a lean over to clutch a rag-how much easier does it make work when the work happens in a well-supplied, meticulously-outfitted garage?

A great garage can make a shade tree mechanic work like a professional. A well-designed garage can make the professional’s labor even more impressive.

You want to be the guy everyone comes to, not the guy constantly having to go to someone else. You want to have the tools. You want to have the parts. You want your garage to be the envy of all the other guys, making you the go-to guy in your neighborhood and circle of friends.

There are plenty of women who enjoy working under the hood, and fixing what needs fixing around the house. These women deserve a garage with the space to contain all they need. These women deserve a garage well-kept, with every item in its space, and every space tidy and ordered.