Make Your Room One To Retreat To


After a long day’s work, there is nothing better than retreating to your room for some much needed R&R.  When you have the right basics and accessories in your room, it can be that oasis in your house that you can use to relax and decompress.  Start by getting bedroom furniture san Antonio.  Be mindful to pick furniture and wall colors that are both functional and relaxing.

What else can you add to your room to make it the perfect refuge?

Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are great ways to make your room smell good and each oil can help your health too! 

Citrus scents can increase concentration and focus, lavender helps relaxation, and eucalyptus can also help with breathing.  Frankincense also helps with migraine headaches. Or if you want a combination of healing properties combine some scents and enjoy.    

bedroom furniture san Antonio


A canopy is a great way to give a 5 star hotel or far away land feel to your room.  It also helps to cover your bed and block out light if desired.

Soft sheets

The best way to feel comfortable in your room is investing in soft sheets.  Cotton is always a great choice for sheets, including Egyptian, pima, and Supima.  Go for higher thread count, you’ll thank yourself later.


Keeping your room at a comfortable temperature year round is important to a happy oasis.  In order to sleep your best night, 65 degrees is the ideal temperature for sleep.  So invest in an AC unit.

Some other tips to having the best bedroom for relaxation include keeping your electronics out, not having a TV, using dim lighting to set the mind at ease, and keeping your room organized and clutter free.  All of these tips combined with the items above can help you design a room that you will never want to leave.