You Have To Look Back


Clichés and song lyrics aside, we all look back. In fact, we have to look back. We have to look back to the past in order to have clarity about where we are in the present.

Philosophical meanderings aside too, we have to look back in order to be safe, especially when we ride our bicycles. As essential as tires, brakes, and a helmet, bicycle mirror supplies are a must for safe, enjoyable cycling.

bicycle mirror supplies

Many cyclists ride on bike paths that run parallel to major streets, and even highways. As careful and conscientious as the rider might be, nothing she or he does can control what the drivers of heavy vehicles might do.

Bicycle mirrors give bicyclists far greater safety than riding without mirrors. In fact, it’s not hyperbole to say that riding without bicycle mirrors is akin to riding blind. Without those mirrors, the cyclist has no idea what is happening right behind them. What is happening right behind them could endanger them. What is happening behind them could require them to take evasive maneuvers.

Bicycle mirrors are needed not just for a cyclist’s safety around motor vehicles. They are also important to help the rider maintain safety against possible stalkers, aggressive riders, muggers, and anyone with ill motives lurking, stalking, or racing from behind.

We would never think of driving a car that wasn’t equipped with rearview and sideview mirrors. In fact, cars without those mirrors would never pass inspection. They would be illegal to drive. Why can’t we take that same reasonable, intelligent outlook when it comes to cycling? Why can’t we insist on always riding bikes with good mirrors that will keep us safe?

Cliché and song lyrics tell us not to look back. Common sense says sometimes we have to.


Industrial size casters are in essence large molds. While traditional materials such as aluminum, different grades of metal and plastic continue to be utilized traditionally, new materials have entered the design and manufacture market. Bear in mind that industrial casters are not necessarily going to be giant-sized monstrosities for the obvious reason that numerous industries beyond the traditional are being catered for.

It is traditionally known that most industrial use casters are being prepared for strategic environments such as the aeronautics and military industries. They are also being utilized for the mass production of mass use power supply centers. And they are critically essential for the health services industries. To use examples, both the health and military sectors require the manufacture of equipment of different sizes and scales.

The automotive industry is another case in point. Major supply is in the design and manufacture of sedans and hatch-backs. But also a major activity on the assembly lines is the manufacture of large-sized industry site and long distance use trucks, as well as construction and agricultural use equipment. The agricultural and agri-processing industries are two more critical industries being catered for.

Without it, food supply on the scale that it is required today would be, well, in short supply. And so to the food services industries. Industrial casters will be used to contribute towards the design and manufacture of food processing equipment. And where is pretty much all purchased food prepared? In restaurants and in the domestic kitchen. Restaurants, those that thrive in any event, are using commercial sized appliances.

industrial casters

But on the home front, and not to be under-estimated or under-appreciated are your everyday use crockery, to say nothing of the sophisticated appliances now being used quite extensively these days.


When Madeline and Brian got married, they both brought baggage into their marriage. They both brought baggage, a couple of dogs, and furniture.

Madeline brought the hope chest her grandma had given her which she cherished so much. It was made of rare chestnut. And Brian came with his beloved wood poker table.

He had purchased it at an estate sale. The deceased was someone he had never met, so there was no sentimental value attached to the piece of furniture for Brian. He simply loved it. He simply had to have it. Once he had it, he refused to even consider ever letting it go.

At first, Madeline didn’t know what to make of that table.  She had never seen one before, but knowing Brian loved it, and knowing how much she loved Brian, she chose to accept it. After all, Brian had no qualms or complaints about Madeline’s hope chest dominating their bedroom.

wood poker table

Madeline had to admit, her hubby’s poker table was a gorgeous piece of furniture. Coming from a big city in the east, she wasn’t familiar with western style furnishings. She soon grew to appreciate, and even love, the character that table brought into their living room. She even considered buying other pieces of the same style. She thought that perhaps their house could be divided up into rooms of various styles and periods.

Every couple has so many issues to navigate. Madeline and Brian quickly concluded that their two individual pieces of furniture would never become issues. She had hers. He had his. They decided to love and appreciate each other’s tastes and styles.

Their mutual love, and dedication to compromise must have worked. Today, Monica and Brian have three children who will someday love, and inherit, two amazing pieces of furniture.


Protecting your home and your family is important to you, and that is why you are a gun owner.  Being a gun owner, however, requires a high level of responsibility.  Unfortunately, many accidental deaths occur due to guns, and all of these deaths were preventable if the owners of the guns practiced proper gun safety.

Here are some things that you need to do as a responsible gun owner in order to avoid any sort of tragedy. 

Lock your guns in a safe

When you are not using your guns, make sure that you always keep them safely locked away so that your children can not get their hands on them.  There are many different gun safe brands that sell a variety of types of gun safes.  Which brand or type of safe is best for you is dependent upon the type of guns you own and what how you want to keep them locked up.

For instance, a small wall safe will work well for a handgun but won’t for a rifle or shotgun. 

Consider a trigger lock

Even if you have a gun safe, you might want to consider a trigger lock for extra protection.  This will ensure that even if a child somehow gets into the safe, they will never be able to actually fire the weapon.  This is an added level of safety that all gun owners ought to consider.

gun safe brands

Always practice basic gun safety when handling your weapons

This ought to go without saying, but always make sure that you are practicing proper gun safety techniques, including trigger discipline and never aiming at anything you don’t want to die, when you are handling or firing your weapons.

These are just a few ways that you can prevent a tragic accident from occurring. 


I almost get embarrassed looking through the books in my local store. When I read a title that sounds like a decent love story, I discover a tawdry love scene depicted on the front cover.

Books about current events are just as depressing as the news. I find no politician worthy of taking the time to read a book about them.

No time period of history interests me enough to read a five-hundred page book about the same events I learned the thumbnail-sketch of in high school.

The safest stories tend to be children and adolescent literature, but I am an adult, craving a good, nourishing book to read. Where are the uplifting narratives, compelling characters, and unforgettable stories?

Where on earth are the Christian books?

Besides the Bible, people of faith need poetic, imaginative, faithful books to enrich their souls and give hope to their battered hearts. The scriptures contain such unforgettable stories, with such monumental characters and events, no other work can compare. Other work can be inspired by the sacred writings, though.

I want my daughter to read a coming-of-age novel reflecting the same noble characteristics of Ruth.

Christian books

I want my son to find new heroes demonstrating the same heart as David, in our own time.

I want my husband and I to be able to share new stories, holy stories, written from the heart, rooted in the heart of God’s word.

I want to lose myself in a great story. I want to lose myself in a story of love. I want to lose myself in a story of redemption. I want to lose myself in a tearful story of goodbyes. I want to lose myself, and find myself, in a story closely akin to the story of salvation, the story of love.


Roll off dumpster rental is a reasonably priced service that comes in handy when you need space for trash. There are dumpsters for rent in various sizes so it is easy to accommodate projects of all sizes. But, why rent a dumpster versus utilizing other options? Seven of the biggest reasons to rent roll off dumpsters miami fl are below.

1.    Move Out: If you are cleaning out an apartment complex or large facility after move out, a dumpster rental comes in handy to toss out furniture, appliances, old flooring, and other items that are left behind.

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2.    Construction Jobs: Construction sites can become very hazardous if materials are not cleaned as the job progresses. Roll off dumpsters make it easy to keep the area clean.

3.    Recycling: Smaller bins are available for those in Miami who are ready to do their part to help the environment and recycle. Paper, plastics, and cardboard, here you come!

4.    Clean Up/Clean Out: Clean up and clean out are two more reasons torrent the dumpster. You will have all of the space needed to clean efficiently when there is a dumpster available.

5.    Special Events: Whether you are hosting a large business function, a concert, a community event, or other large gathering, make sure things are clean and sanitary and safe by utilizing a dumpster rental for the event.

6.    Remodeling: Are you remodeling your home? This fun project can cause quite a mess. Keep it clean with roll off dumpster rental and these concerns are gone.

7.    Easy: Renting a dumpster one of the easiest things you will ever do. Lots of people rent dumpsters for the purposes above and many others, making life easy in the process. Jump on that bandwagon!

Could a dumpster rental be right to handle your trash removal needs?


After a long day’s work, there is nothing better than retreating to your room for some much needed R&R.  When you have the right basics and accessories in your room, it can be that oasis in your house that you can use to relax and decompress.  Start by getting bedroom furniture san Antonio.  Be mindful to pick furniture and wall colors that are both functional and relaxing.

What else can you add to your room to make it the perfect refuge?

Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are great ways to make your room smell good and each oil can help your health too! 

Citrus scents can increase concentration and focus, lavender helps relaxation, and eucalyptus can also help with breathing.  Frankincense also helps with migraine headaches. Or if you want a combination of healing properties combine some scents and enjoy.    

bedroom furniture san Antonio


A canopy is a great way to give a 5 star hotel or far away land feel to your room.  It also helps to cover your bed and block out light if desired.

Soft sheets

The best way to feel comfortable in your room is investing in soft sheets.  Cotton is always a great choice for sheets, including Egyptian, pima, and Supima.  Go for higher thread count, you’ll thank yourself later.


Keeping your room at a comfortable temperature year round is important to a happy oasis.  In order to sleep your best night, 65 degrees is the ideal temperature for sleep.  So invest in an AC unit.

Some other tips to having the best bedroom for relaxation include keeping your electronics out, not having a TV, using dim lighting to set the mind at ease, and keeping your room organized and clutter free.  All of these tips combined with the items above can help you design a room that you will never want to leave.


Your grandfather may have had one shelf in his garage, with all the supplies he needed for car and home. Your father may have had a little bit more-a cabinet or two filled with tools to go along with that shelf filled with paints, motor oil, and electrical tape.

overhead storage cabinets

When you look around at your garage, you need all that your grandfather and father had, and more. You need overhead storage cabinets; you need tool racks; you need multiple tool boxes, and even more.

Most mechanics want what they need at the exact moment when they need it. Nothing can take a shade tree amateur, or even a certified professional, out of their groove like having to stop work to go retrieve a tool or a supply, located elsewhere.

A reach up for a wrench; a short step or two to grab a part; a lean over to clutch a rag-how much easier does it make work when the work happens in a well-supplied, meticulously-outfitted garage?

A great garage can make a shade tree mechanic work like a professional. A well-designed garage can make the professional’s labor even more impressive.

You want to be the guy everyone comes to, not the guy constantly having to go to someone else. You want to have the tools. You want to have the parts. You want your garage to be the envy of all the other guys, making you the go-to guy in your neighborhood and circle of friends.

There are plenty of women who enjoy working under the hood, and fixing what needs fixing around the house. These women deserve a garage with the space to contain all they need. These women deserve a garage well-kept, with every item in its space, and every space tidy and ordered.


outdoor storage sheds ma

When was the last time that you considered expanding the space that you have in your home or office? If you’re like many people that are out there, you’re looking at all of the details that can go on. Have you been thinking that you want to invest a little bit of money into outdoor storage sheds ma? Are you going to be able to find affordable ways to make that happen and can you get what you need in a way that makes sense and allows you to work out just what it is that you will need to do?

There are a wide variety of storage sheds available for you to choose from and, as you start looking at what there is for you to purchase, you will be asking questions about size, shape, and type of options that you’re looking at. More often than not, you will notice that there are a lot of great types of sheds out there, able to stand up against anything and ensuring that you’ve got exactly what you need in terms of additional space in the future.

Expanding your space is always a good idea, and if you have things that don’t necessarily need to be indoors, you’ll find that there are a lot of benefits that may come along as you work it out and see what is going to make the most sense for your needs. Look at what there is for you to purchase, talk to people about your ideas and work out what you need to do. In the long run, you’ll be better off and you’ll feel pretty good about the shed that you have decided to invest some of your money into at the same time as well.