Hers and His


When Madeline and Brian got married, they both brought baggage into their marriage. They both brought baggage, a couple of dogs, and furniture.

Madeline brought the hope chest her grandma had given her which she cherished so much. It was made of rare chestnut. And Brian came with his beloved wood poker table.

He had purchased it at an estate sale. The deceased was someone he had never met, so there was no sentimental value attached to the piece of furniture for Brian. He simply loved it. He simply had to have it. Once he had it, he refused to even consider ever letting it go.

At first, Madeline didn’t know what to make of that table.  She had never seen one before, but knowing Brian loved it, and knowing how much she loved Brian, she chose to accept it. After all, Brian had no qualms or complaints about Madeline’s hope chest dominating their bedroom.

wood poker table

Madeline had to admit, her hubby’s poker table was a gorgeous piece of furniture. Coming from a big city in the east, she wasn’t familiar with western style furnishings. She soon grew to appreciate, and even love, the character that table brought into their living room. She even considered buying other pieces of the same style. She thought that perhaps their house could be divided up into rooms of various styles and periods.

Every couple has so many issues to navigate. Madeline and Brian quickly concluded that their two individual pieces of furniture would never become issues. She had hers. He had his. They decided to love and appreciate each other’s tastes and styles.

Their mutual love, and dedication to compromise must have worked. Today, Monica and Brian have three children who will someday love, and inherit, two amazing pieces of furniture.