Needing A Little Peace


I almost get embarrassed looking through the books in my local store. When I read a title that sounds like a decent love story, I discover a tawdry love scene depicted on the front cover.

Books about current events are just as depressing as the news. I find no politician worthy of taking the time to read a book about them.

No time period of history interests me enough to read a five-hundred page book about the same events I learned the thumbnail-sketch of in high school.

The safest stories tend to be children and adolescent literature, but I am an adult, craving a good, nourishing book to read. Where are the uplifting narratives, compelling characters, and unforgettable stories?

Where on earth are the Christian books?

Besides the Bible, people of faith need poetic, imaginative, faithful books to enrich their souls and give hope to their battered hearts. The scriptures contain such unforgettable stories, with such monumental characters and events, no other work can compare. Other work can be inspired by the sacred writings, though.

I want my daughter to read a coming-of-age novel reflecting the same noble characteristics of Ruth.

Christian books

I want my son to find new heroes demonstrating the same heart as David, in our own time.

I want my husband and I to be able to share new stories, holy stories, written from the heart, rooted in the heart of God’s word.

I want to lose myself in a great story. I want to lose myself in a story of love. I want to lose myself in a story of redemption. I want to lose myself in a tearful story of goodbyes. I want to lose myself, and find myself, in a story closely akin to the story of salvation, the story of love.